How do you determine shipping costs? Is it a percentage?+

Shipping costs are not based by percentage but more the item or shall we say vendor. Fitpacks, Daisytops and Sterifilts may be subject to residential fee for shipping charge. Additional shipping charges on cookers, safer smoking products, wall mounts and kiosks may be applicable to orders shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. Orders shipping to Alaska and Puerto Rico will be subject to an additional flat freight fee, email buyersclub@nasen.org for details.

Do you take unused insulin syringes?+

We take any used syringes, no questions asked. However, as stated earlier, we are not a commercial syringe disposal service. If you are a business, e.g., pharmacy, medical practice, veterinary clinic, etc. that regularly generates sharps, you should contact a commercial biohazardous waste and/or sharps service to pick-up and dispose of your waste.


We provide a variety of support services, such as fiscal sponsorship, technical assistance, and when resources allow, program support packages to new and/or struggling SEPs. Unfortunately, we currently do not have the resources to provide financial support to SEPs.

How do I get on the list of SSP's?+

We are always happy to add new programs to the NASEN Directory. Please complete a profile page found here: https://nasen.org/my-profile Please ensure you are the program administrator or have authorized permission to submit a programs information before completing this form.

Do you provide syringe disposal?+

We take/pick-up used syringes to ensure that they are disposed of properly. We are not a commercial syringe disposal service. If you are a business, e.g., pharmacy, medical practice, veterinary clinic, etc. that regularly generates sharps, you should contact a licensed commercial biohazardous waste and/or sharps disposal service (e.g., Stericycle) to pick-up and dispose of your waste.

Can you provide tracking for my order(s)? How do I get the tracking number?+

Our Buyers Club Team is more than happy to assist in providing tracking on any of your orders. Please let a Team Member know you would like tracking (before the order has been placed) so that we may ensure that we can provide this for you. After placing the order we will provide you with the tracking number.

How do I add our services to the directory page?+

We are always happy to add new programs to the NASEN Directory. Please complete a profile page found here: https://nasen.org/my-profile Please ensure you are the program administrator or have authorized permission to submit a programs information before completing this form. Please email stephanie@nasen.org with any questions or concerns.

Where do I take my unused insulin syringes (for proper disposal) in Kingman Kansas? (Or any other state)+

The web-site: https://safeneedledisposal.org/ is a great resource for syringe disposal locations and regulations. You can search by zip code or by state. If no disposal sites are nearby, this site also provides information for how to handle used sharps in compliance with state guidelines. Most SEPs will also take back syringes. You can find a fairly extensive listing of SEPs on the NASEN web-site.

What states do you help? How do you decide? +

We’d love to help SSPs in all states. Assistance is not based on the state in which an SSP is located. Assistance, information, fiscal sponsorship, T.A., etc. is available to anyone/SSP that requests it.

Do you ship to Florida?+


How do I get syringes shipped to me?+

For personal use please contact NextDistro. If you are wanting to start a SSP/SEP, we encourage you to fill out a NASEN Buyers Club Application.

What is a secondary exchange?+

Any time an individual receives a new/unused syringe from some one or some place other than a syringe exchange program, that is secondary (syringe) exchange. A Secondary Syringe Exchange (SSE) is a place, or often a person, that distributes new/unused syringes that they received from a Syringe Exchange Program/Syringe Service program. Occasionally this is done in an official capacity, i.e., the individuals work with, or with the knowledge of, the local syringe exchange to act as a distribution point for harm reduction supplies. Sometimes this is done unofficially, e.g., a regular at the exchange picks up a few extra packs of syringes when they visit because they know other PWIDS that can't get to the exchange.

Can I send my used syringes to get a exchanged for new ones? I live in Dallas Texas.+

We recommend reaching out to an SSP closer to you for services if at all possible. Dallas Harm Reduction Aid would be a great choice in the Dallas, Texas area.

Do you have fentanyl test strips?+

Yes, our local Tacoma Needle Exchange offers fentanyl test strips for our participants at our exchange locations. Please contact an outreach team member if you are located locally in Pierce County, WA and looking for fentanyl test strips. Our NASEN buyers club also sells fentanyl test strips and would be happy to discuss pricing with you. A team member can be reached at (253) 213-3221.

Can anyone who claims to be a harm reduction program buy from you?+

No. We are a member-based Buyers Club that supports Syringe Service Programs (SSPs) Health Department and other organizations who serve people that use drugs that operate under the Harm Reduction philosophy. This means only member organizations can purchase through our organization. In order to become a member organization one must first complete and submit a Buyers Club application. The application asks for information about your Exchange and to certify "the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and understand that, if accepted into the Buyer's Club, false, misleading or incomplete statements on this application shall be grounds for dismissal." We also conduct research and validation to make sure you are, in fact, a Syringe Service Program or an organization that works with SSPs. If we have any doubt, we'll ask for additional information and/or deny your application to join the Buyers Club. That said, could someone lie and potentially purchase supplies? Possibly, but why would they?

Can I make an appointment for the exchange in Knoxville, TN?+

Unfortunately we are not able to schedule appointments for other SSPs through our website. We encourage you to reach out the program individually and apologize for the inconvenience.

Is this a safe injection site as well? +

No, we are not a (SIS) safe injection site. If you are looking for more information on safe injection sites I would consider reaching out to Insite, the first legal SIS site in North America at (604) 687-7483.

How do you go about reviving my supplies?+

If you are in need of supplies and located in Pierce County, WA Please contact our outreach team Monday-Friday at (253) 381-5229. Or visit one of outreach locations posted on our website for days and times: https://www.tacomaneedleexchange.org/calendar


NASEN is increasing prices. What is that all about?

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We will be increasing prices. After 30 years, it was a very hard decision for our agency. As difficult as it was, it is necessary for us to continue to provide services, as NASEN has been selling items functionally below-cost. We currently lose money providing supplies to programs at the cost they were almost 30 years ago. Foundation funding has decreased rapidly in recent years, to the point that we can no longer rely on it to provide services. Increasing prices will allow us to continue operating. We understand people's frustrations and we welcome your feedback.

Are price changes effective immediately?

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All current NASEN Buyers Club Customers should have received an email update as of 11:00am (PST) on Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 to inform them of upcoming price changes. These changes will be effective Tuesday, February 18th, 2020. Please accept our sincerest apologies if for some reason you (as a NASEN Buyers Club Customer) did not receive this email. Our team may need to update our current contact information for your agency. This can be done by contacting our Buyers Club Team via email at BuyersClub@nasen.org or telephone at (253) 272-4857. Please note our hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm. 

Are NASEN and McKesson located in the same warehouse?

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No, our NASEN Buyers Club Team works very closely with McKesson to get orders processed and delivered, but NASEN is a separate legal entity. NASEN is not located in a warehouse at all. We have a small office in downtown Tacoma that doubles as our office space and some supply storage. McKesson has warehouses all over the country and ships from various locations that best meet our customers' needs.  

Ive overheard that California Programs get different pricing on items...is that for real?

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That is for real. California Programs and NASEN are under a contract that was established in 2016 and is renegotiated periodically. Therefore, these programs do receive a different price on harm reduction supplies ordered through the CA Clearinghouse catalog. This catalog is limited to specific supplies approved for purchase and distribution by the state of CA. Programs in California that order outside of the catalog or beyond their annual budget can still purchase through NASEN at the same prices offered to our non-California Buyers Club programs.

Is it the dark ages, why can I not pay via credit card?

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It took us 32 years but we now take ACH, Venmo, Checks and PayPal payments! Reach out to a NASEN team member if you have any questions at buyersclub@nasen.org or directly at (253) 213-3221

Why should I work with NASEN and not go at it alone?

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Just like any harm reduction family, we have gone through our ups and downs. We are all human and we all work together to provide the best services to participants, our communities, and our fellow harm reductionists whether it is kind and supportive words of encouragement, educational tools, a smile, hug, handshake, or assistance with supplies. It is important to remember that we do not need to work against each other but with each other to make real change. This being said, we make every effort to make it a pleasant and cost-effective experience if you choose to work with us.