Buyer's Club


The Buyers Club (BC) uses co-op buying power to acquire the lowest syringe prices for large and small exchange programs alike.

Through contractual agreement with the manufacturer and wholesale provider, NASEN offers the best non-government price for the most popular syringes used in syringe exchange.

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Are you a syringe exchange, syringe access and/or syringe service program?
Are you with a health department or university?
Do you have a funding letter, award letter, contract or agreement for funding that states there is money for SEP services?
Are you an overdose prevention program?
Are you a drug user's union?
Do you have a physician license?
Do you have a tax-exemption certificate?
May we contact you for research purposes?
May we publish your information in the NASEN map/directory?
May we publish your information in the American Founation for AIDS Research map/directory?
May we release your information to the Dave Purchase Survey?*
Does your program have a mobile unit?
Is your program delivery only?
* The Dave Purchase Survey, formally known as the Beth Isreal Medical Survey, is currently the only collection and source of national syringe exchange data for the United States. This survey is akey component and tool in lifting the federal ban on fundig syringe exchanges.