Dave Purchase

Dave, in the earliest days of American syringe exchange

Update: Jan. 23, 2013, 11:32 AM Pacific

Dave Purchase passed away on Monday, January 21. We would like to apologize for the sudden notice for most of you, but he was a private man. You may have known him as a coworker, ex biker, friend, photographer, adviser, mentor, orator, poor time manager, paradigm shifter or pain in the ass but to us, Becky and Dylan, he is our Dad. The events over his life time, those that have happened to him and those he has inflicted upon himself ultimately won over his tenacity, desire and will to live this time. Please send him your love. He has embarked on the long awaited bush whacking trip. He told me once he hoped he would be awake when death came so he could see it happen. To quell any rumors, there was no cancer. There was no mental illness or weird contagious disease. Although I bet he would love to add that story to his line-up. You can just hear him saying, "I was alone in the tropics, there on what I thought would be a relaxing vacation and while observing an ant hill I slipped and accidentally drank a warm beer. And here I am."

The NASEN team will fill in where we've rambled away from. We wanted you to know about Dad. We also know there are so many of you who love him.

Becky and Dylan Purchase


We are in shock as many of you are. We want to send you all our deepest regrets, condolences, and love. The world will never know another man like Dave Purchase. He touched the lives of so many people. I had a chance to talk to his second cousin at the hospital today. We talked about the incredible things Dave has done and marveled that many people will never know all that he accomplished, the events he set in motion. She told me "It's our job to let people know." Not in a self-aggrandizing way, because that's not who Dave was, but in a way that furthers his (our) work and philosophy about how we should care for one another.

From all of us at NASEN.



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