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FedBan Survey

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I’ve laid out a simple questionnaire, located here. Please take the time now to fill it out. Time is short and I appreciate your help. The more you can help me represent you, the more comfortable I’m going to feel next week.

NASEN Grants update

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Like most of you, NASEN is experiencing severe financial pressure. We will be stable for the next year. However, we are operating with a minimum staff level. Just enough to keep our core services operating.

There will be NASEN grants this year, but they will be delayed at least 30 days. As of August 24, 2009 we have only acquired one third of what we were able to give in last year’s grant cycle. The delay is so that we can spend some more time trying to find additional funding for the 2009-10 grant year. We hope to know more by Sept. 11. Stay tuned.

Years ago, during an especially difficult time in my life, my dad asked me if I knew how steel was made. I knew enough to say “no.” He said, “They put iron in the fire. Are you gonna be OK son?” I said, “Yes.”

He was right.

EDIT 9/18/2009: We will know by the week of Oct. 5th.

EDIT 11/10/2009: We will have grants information by Dec. 1st.

Announcing the PEESE Project

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Principles for and Effective and Ethical Syringe Exchange (PEESE) Project is the working title of an ongoing effort to produce the only “best practices” guideline for and produced exclusively by syringe exchange people.

Coming soon: ExchangePoint

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Because of a new server and other electronic equipment acquired over the last four years, we finally have the ability to launch Exchange Point.

In contrast to NewsWorks, NASEN’s announcement mailing list, ExchangePoint will be a secure, interactive listserv for syringe exchange programs in North America. We plan to launch it in about thirty days.

Announcing NewsWorks

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NASEN is happy to formally launch NewsWorks, the NASEN announcement mailing list. To sign up, click here.

This is just the beginning of a greatly enhanced new system for us to communicate and has been four years in the planning.  Its purpose is to provide us with a better way to communicate with you and soon a simple and secure way for all of us to communicate with each otherNEWSWORKS is just the start and by signing up for it, you will be teaching your ISP that our new address is not spam.  Initially, NEWSWORKS will be open to anyone interested in syringe exchange and most likely will stay that way.

After we have you signed up, we’ll then launch the conclusion of the PEESE Project, a “best practices” for syringe exchange programs, created by syringe exchange programs.  And after that , Exchange Works, which has the potential to be a secure social network for people within the syringe exchange community.

Welcome to NEWSWORKS!