Announcing the PEESE Project

Principles for and Effective and Ethical Syringe Exchange (PEESE) Project is the working title of an ongoing effort to produce the only “best practices” guideline for and produced exclusively by syringe exchange people.

Two drafts have been created so far; one by an anonymous randomly selected group of 25 people with experience in the syringe exchange field and another by all of those attending the last general meeting at NASEC XVIII. Those two drafts, intended to be simply a guideline and starter place, will be posted here on or before the first of September. During September, anyone can comment and submit recommendations.

To participate in this, you will need to sign up for NASEN News, our new announcement list, to do that click here. At NASEN, we have high hopes for this project.

EDIT 11/10/2009: Removed erroneous timeline information. We will post new information about how the PEESE project will proceed when we have it.