Coming soon: ExchangePoint

Because of a new server and other electronic equipment acquired over the last four years, we finally have the ability to launch Exchange Point.

In contrast to NewsWorks, NASEN’s announcement mailing list, ExchangePoint will be a secure, interactive listserv for syringe exchange programs in North America. We plan to launch it in about thirty days.

ExchangePoint has the potential, if users see the need, to evolve into a complete social networking system for syringe exchange programs. It will be secure and restricted to people directly involved with syringe exchange. As a social networking system, it can have pages for individuals as well as for programs. The web page could be as simple as a link to your program’s existing page or, if your program doesn’t have one, you could create one and host it with NASEN.

Of course, none of this will cost programs or staff anything, and it is our intention to offer the service, not insist that it be used.

More info in September.

EDIT 11/10/2009: There will be more information available by December 1st.