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Rode hard and put to bed wet

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All of us, that is, all five human beings who make up the approximately 3 full time positions that operate NASEN are sick. We’ve got some kind of bug and well into the second week or more of feeling poorly. So we are running behind and it will probably take another week or so to catch up. First there’s the data backlog, then the tech question calls to be returned and then updating the start times for the projects on the website. We’ll get it all done as soon as we can and thank you for understanding our delays.

How they’ve managed to keep the office open and the Buyers Club up to date is beyond me.

It’s just another example of how very lucky I am.

New date for NASEN grants information

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We will have information about this year’s NASEN grants by December 1st.

See this entry for the whole story.

FedBan survey now closed

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The FedBan survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.