2011 NASEN grants announcement

Regrettably, there will be no NASEN grant RFP issued this fall.

For too long, too few have convinced too many (of us) to act against our own self-interests.

We’re told there isn’t enough money. Not true. There is enough money.

The problem is where it has concentrated since 1980 and the political power that concentration of wealth has given those who now sit on it.

Just as being poor doesn’t make a person stupid, being rich does not make one evil.

In a just society, the benefits and the burdens are equitably shared.

Fact: The top 1% in this country grab 24% of all income!

Fact: The 400 richest Americans own more wealth than half of all Americans combined!

Fact: There are 244 millionaires in Congress! Last year, lobbyists spent $3.51 billion getting their attention!

Doonesbury, Oct. 19 2011

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