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2011 NASEN grants announcement

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Regrettably, there will be no NASEN grant RFP issued this fall.

2011 NASEN Grants

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The 2011 NASEN grant cycle is currently uncertain. We will send out an announcement as soon as any information becomes available.

2010 NASEN Grants Request for Proposals

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They’re finally here - 2010 NASEN grant Request for Proposals and budget pages are available for download in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word DOC formats.

For more information about eligibility and the application procedure, and to download the files, click the “Read entire entry” link below.

New date for NASEN grants information

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We will have information about this year’s NASEN grants by December 1st.

See this entry for the whole story.

New Date for Grants Update

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We will know something about this year’s NASEN grants the week of Oct. 5th.

NASEN Grants update

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Like most of you, NASEN is experiencing severe financial pressure. We will be stable for the next year. However, we are operating with a minimum staff level. Just enough to keep our core services operating.

There will be NASEN grants this year, but they will be delayed at least 30 days. As of August 24, 2009 we have only acquired one third of what we were able to give in last year’s grant cycle. The delay is so that we can spend some more time trying to find additional funding for the 2009-10 grant year. We hope to know more by Sept. 11. Stay tuned.

Years ago, during an especially difficult time in my life, my dad asked me if I knew how steel was made. I knew enough to say “no.” He said, “They put iron in the fire. Are you gonna be OK son?” I said, “Yes.”

He was right.

EDIT 9/18/2009: We will know by the week of Oct. 5th.

EDIT 11/10/2009: We will have grants information by Dec. 1st.