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When the Going Gets Tough, We Get Together”

Thank you to everyone who attended NASEC 2010 for helping to make it one of our most successful conventions ever.

Presentation Documents

Don Des Jarlais: Syringe Exchange in the Known Universe

Slideshow (PPT)
Doing Harm Reduction Better article (PDF)

Carol Buchholz: Wound Care on the Street

Handout and resource list (PDF)
Abscess Care and Prevention sample pamphlet (PDF)

NASEC 2010 - Nov. 16 and 17th, Austin, TX

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The conference is over. Thank you, everyone, for making it one of the most successful NASECs ever.

Download documents from NASEC 2010 presentations here.

When the Going Gets Tough, We Get Together”

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Download draft agenda (PDF)


Download updated hotel and transportation info (DOC) (PDF)

NASEC 2010 will be held at the Holiday Inn NW/Arboretum in Austin, TX from 1:00 PM, Nov. 16th to the evening of Nov. 17th., 2010.

Draft Agenda

Update! Downloadable draft agenda/schedule available here (PDF).

Due to the shortened time available and the current economic condition we will focus the agenda on addressing the situation as contemporary to the time of NASEC as possible. That will include the following:

  • Current State of Syringe Exchange in the Known Universe” - Don Des Jarlais
  • Private and Public Funding for Syringe Exchange and Predictions for the Future” - presented by representatives of our major private and public funders
  • Great Success and the Big Kablooey” - Things we tried for innovative fund raising that worked and, just as important, things we tried that were big flops
  • Status of the CDC Guidelines as of Today” - presented by representatives from the CDC and others
  • How to Talk Cop” - Hot to translate “cop” into harm reduction and harm reduction into “cop.”
  • Information Exchange by Program Type” - round table and reports

Other topics that will be updated:

  • Naloxone
  • Suboxone
  • SEP 101: Starting from Scratch
  • Wound Care on the Street
  • A Few Selected Histories: SEPs and the Lost Years
  • The PEESE Project

There will be snacks and a social hour the early evening of the 16th and dinner, wrap up, and dance your socks off with the music of Austin Swing on the evening of the 17th.

NOTE: Funding for NASEC 2010 has been provided by several funders working together and pooling monies they had left in their education/conference/travel budgets. This gave us enough money to put on the convention. No monies used for NASEC 2010 were available to fund syringe exchange programs.