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In Another Vein

In Another Vein

In Another Vein is an unincorporated network of poor and working class people helping other poor and working class people. Our mission is social transformation through harm reduction and sexual wellness in Houston, Texas. We are guided by principles of mutual-aid, free association, and the idea that the people most affected by a crisis hold the power to navigate it. ‚ÄčIn Another Vein keeps a low-overhead and is volunteer based, we keep no staff and decisions are made by the people who dedicate their labor and hearts to harm reduction and sexual health. If you cannot commit time, consider a donation. In an effort to remain low-overhead, we aim to spend quickly and convert this to resources directly in the community, particularly Naloxone. Donors over $20 will be notified of how their money is spent directly once it has been spent. Follow our social media to see how the money is spent. We also know that the forces creating this crisis are much bigger than we are. The drug war wasn't created in a vacuum, but rather has been the product of a history of colonialism and empire, and also affects people differently across racial, gendered and class lines. Because of this, we are committed to broader social movements which challenge this, and seek to end white supremacy, capitalism and cisheteropatriarchy.

  • Naloxone Distribution/Overdose Ed.
  • Safe Sex Items
  • Syringe Services

Houston, TX 77001 US


Please call or text for services.

(515) 992-2733
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