Neighborhood Healthcare Harm Reduction Program

Neighborhood Healthcare  |  Escondido, CA


Neighborhood Healthcare Harm Reduction Program is committed to improve the health and happiness of the communities served by providing quality care to all, regardless of situation or circumstance. Neighborhood’s Harm Reduction Program will focus on providing outreach, education, harm reduction supplies, and healthcare services to improve the health and safety of people who use drugs. Educational topics include safe injection, HIV and viral hepatitis prevention, overdose prevention, and proper syringe disposal. Additional services include distribution of naloxone, safer sex supplies, fentanyl and xylazine test strips, wound care kits, provision of sterile syringes and syringe disposal kits. Outreach services will go into the community to provide education, treatment referrals, and harm reduction supplies. Outreach teams will also collect and safely dispose of used syringes. Neighborhood will offer social and recovery service referrals to substance use disorder treatment services, food, shelter, and other social service programs, viral hepatitis and HIV testing, hepatitis C treatment, and screenings for sexually transmitted infections. Neighborhood Healthcare understands that harm reduction is critical in all facets of life (safety, housing, food, finances, connection, mental health, substance use, healthcare) and strives to provide whole-person wellness through a wide variety of services to improve the health of our entire community.


  • Case Management/Coordinated Care
  • Community Trainings/Education
  • Fentanyl Test Strips/Education
  • Hepatitis A Vaccination
  • Hepatitis testing/Education
  • HIV testing/Education
  • MAT Education/Referrals
  • Naloxone Distribution/Overdose Ed.
  • Safe Sex Items
  • STI Testing & Treatment
  • Syringe Services
  • Wound Care Services


425 North Date St
Escondido, CA 92025

(833) 867-4642




M-F 8am-5pm

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