Operation in My Back Yard

Operation in My Back Yard

We are working to spread kindness and hope by distributing food, care packages, necessary items, building relationships, treatment referrals and good conversation to homeless individuals struggling with addiction in Kensington, Philadelphia. Homeless IV drug users are one of the most stigmatized groups in our social media and in our communities today. These individuals are treated like the dregs of society because they are suffering from a mental illness, not a moral deficiency. People often stop to videotape them and exploit them, they even drive by and throw items at them and yell obscenities. This is not acceptable and they should not have to face such backlash because they have a disease that often makes them use drugs against their will. We want to help make their days a little bit better, and if they are every ready for treatment, we will do everything we can to make that happen. We do not judge, we do not separate ourselves from the fact that it could happen to any one of us. They are someone’s child and they are in pain. We support safe injection sites and medication assisted treatment options, anything to meet them where they are, we support. If you want to help, donate to our fundraiser page, send items from the amazon wishlist found on the fundraiser page under the donate link, send items or come volunteer with us!

  • Naloxone Distribution/Overdose Ed.
  • Safe Sex Items
  • Syringe Services
  • Wound Care Services

Mobile Outreach
Kensington, PA 19134 US


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