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Founded in 2011, Trystereo is an all-volunteer harm reduction collective. We operate as a free, mobile public health resource for people who use drugs in southeastern Louisiana. Trystereo distributes harm reduction supplies such as naloxone, sterile syringes, works, condoms, glass pipes and wound care kits. We also provide overdose prevention trainings and information on regional resources related to housing, MAT, HIV/HCV testing, and primary care. Trystereo has weekly drop-ins at locations throughout New Orleans and can schedule individual meet-ups. To learn about upcoming drop-ins or to schedule a meet-up, text our hotline at 504-535-4766. Please include in your first message what supplies you need, where in the city you’re at, and if you can travel by bike, bus, or car. Because Trystereo is all volunteers, we might not be able to meet up with you right away but we will do our best to get you the resources you need. For information on local laws, MAT programs that take Medicaid, where to start Hepatitis C treatment, and more, check our our website or text the hotline with questions. It is legal for adults to buy syringes and naloxone over the counter (without a prescription) in Louisiana.

  • Community Trainings/Education
  • Delivery Services
  • Fentanyl Test Strips/Education
  • Hepatitis testing/Education
  • HIV testing/Education
  • MAT Education/Referrals
  • Naloxone Distribution/Overdose Ed.
  • Safe Sex Items
  • Syringe Services
  • Wound Care Services

Mobile Exchange
New Orleans, LA 70116 US


Please text our hotline at 504-535-4766 to ask about drop-ins, schedule a meet-up, or learn more about resources in southeastern Louisiana


(504) 535-4766
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