First of all, it is legal for adults to purchase syringes without a prescription at the pharmacy. Otherwise, text us to make an appointment! Meet us during our street outreach for "drop-in style" services, or we will bike deliver to you based on a mutually beneficial location and time. A good first message looks like this, ā€œIā€™m requesting this many of this size, please. This neighborhood is convenient to me, and I am mobile bike, bus, or car.ā€ We are 100% volunteer run, so please text us ahead of time and give us a day or two to schedule you in.

  • Delivery Services
  • Drop-in center
  • Naloxone Distribution/Overdose Ed.
  • Safe Sex Items
  • Syringe Services

Mobile Exchange
New Orleans, LA 70116 US


Please text (504) 535-4766 ahead of time to schedule an exchange.

(504) 535-4766
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