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Priority for PSPs is given to newly emerging and struggling SEPs located in resource-poor areas that are experiencing, or vulnerable for, outbreaks of HIV/HCV.

If your organization has received a PSP within the past 2-years, it will be considered for additional PSPs, however priority will be given to first-time applicants.

When possible NASEN provides program support packages (PSPs) including sterile injection equipment, (approximately 7000 syringes) alcohol pads, cookers, cottons, various different sizes of sharps containers, condoms, tourniquets, and zip-lock bags.

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Has your organization received a program support package from Dave Purchase Project/NASEN in the past 2-years?
Are you a syringe exchange program?
Are you an overdose prevention program?
Do you distribute Narcan (i.e., Naloxone)?
Are you a drug user's union?
Do you have a physician license?
Does your program offer harm reduction supply delivery?
May we contact you for research purposes?
May we publish your information in the NASEN map/directory? (1)
May we publish your information in the American Founation for AIDS Research map/directory? (2)
May we release your information to the Dave Purchase Survey? (3)
Does your organization want to be considered for inclusion in potential research opportunities? (4)
May we release this information to anyone who asks?
Additional Locations

If your exchange is operated at different location(s) than the address you provided above, please provide additional locations below.

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If your exchange offers harm reduction supply delivery, please provide additional locations below.

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Upon distribution of the supplies, SEPs receiving program support packages are asked to submit a short narrative summarizing how the program support package impacted their ability to provide exchange services as well as basic demographic data on the participants they served.

1. NASEN publishes a US syringe Exchange Directory that is distributed to other programs for the purposes of networking, collaboration, and directing participants who are traveling or moving.
2. The American Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR) publishes a yearly syringe exchange map that shows cities that have an operating exchange.
3. The Beth Israel Medical Survey is currently the only collection and source of National Syringe Exchange data for the United States. This survey is a key component and tool in lifting the federal ban on funding syringe exchange. The Dave Purchase Survey, formally known as the Beth Isreal Medical Survey, is currently the only collection and source of national syringe exchange data for the United States. This survey is akey component and tool in lifting the federal ban on fundig syringe exchanges.
4. NASEN occasionally collaborates with individuals and/or organizations conducting research regarding syringe exchange/harm reduction efforts in the United States (e.g., Don Des Jarlais, PhD. of New York University/Beth Israel/Mt Sinai to conduct the biennial Dave Purchase Memorial National Survey of Syringe Exchange Projects).